Good morning!

I have to say coming off of a week long vacation in Mexico ( I know bummer right?) I have questioned what day it is for a few days ha ha!  I have an enormous amount of gratitude being fortunate enough to go.  I experienced my first zipline, did Zumba on the beach, danced my booty off, became more friendly with the ocean, took in some spectacular sunrise and sunsets all with thoroughly enjoyable company.  

At some point I had put away the idea I could be that person out experiencing life participating in awesome adventures.  Guess what….I AM!  I’d like to share some highlights of things I never even entertained.

Rolled in Cossfit for a time, Rim to rim Grand canyon hike, taken up mountain biking ( Southern Utah has some world class trails if you are into it get out here), zip lined in Mexico, trail running, finished a Spartan race. I have changed my body composition and mental outlook.  I have gained clarity and strength, ditching some self sabotaging habits allowing me to even attempt the other.  I am over 40 and feel better in my skin than EVER!!!

I am sharing not to brag but to relate to you I am NOT a high performance athlete, born with some incredible feats of strength gift, have a PHD  or a massive bank roll.  I am an average gal who realized that I personally have potential to do and be whatever I choose.


Obviously we all have some things we really cannot change completely but mostly we as humans are highly responsive to change if it is DONE EFFECTIVELY.  The path is not a secret.  It is a simple formula when implemented consistently yields the results we all long for …..and  MORE!

You may be thinking about all the reasons, excuses, why nots and where you lack support.  

Aside from all the things I do under the “Health and Wellness” heading  in reality I am in the business of habit changing.   Helping support, empower, reflect and assist in you filling those gaps for yourself.  Stop with fad diets, grueling workouts and a cycle of beating yourself up over past and future failures. 

Get in touch with you and the ways for YOU to achieve successes.

Schedule a discovery call with me, find out where you are where you want to be and if you are ready to get there.

I am thrilled to be a part of your journey!

Best to all

Dannielle 🙂