Modern day warrior status

If you’re the high-performing person or someone who likes to get a lot of things accomplished, it can almost feel like stress gives you that go-getter, competitive edge.

Sometimes we can thrive on the good kind of stress.

Sure, during competition or running from a tiger that “good stress edge” can serve us in pretty amazing ways!

It’s definitely not a state that serves us long-term as a lifestyle.


Low-grade distress is an entirely different animal!

I would say everyone has a pretty good idea what high-intensity distress feels like, its effects are obvious.

Low-grade stress is more silent and sneaky.

It’s just as much if not possibly more harmful, causing major breakdown over time.

It significantly hurts our “A” game performance and actually makes us stupid!

I know, I didn’t personally like the sound of that either, but it’s true.

 I have felt it and I’m sure you have too.

Have you ever been running around and you can’t find the keys that are in your hand?

Or how about you’re acting all scatterbrained, forgetful, bumping into things and spilling stuff. 

It may be an off day here and there or it might be a common thing you do that’s been chalked up to “this is just how I  roll”.

You may be saying, “I don’t really feel stressed out or anxious”.  

This may be an indicator that your signals may be muted and your body is used to being in a chronic state of low-grade stress.  

Heres the truth

Let’s take a little peek into how we are wired to respond to stress. 

When our body senses danger, (a giant toothed tiger, overdue bill, close call on the road, unhealthy food, angry boss, you get the idea) chemicals adrenaline and cortisol dump into your system.  

Flooded with acid, the body is preparing to run away or fight.

Your digestion will shut down because it needs all the energy it has to go toward survival.

That same acid seeps into your skin so if you were to get bitten into you would taste disgusting!

To protect you even further your blood gets thicker so you won’t bleed to death.  Vision becomes tunneled to focus on the threatening beast. Your bladder and bowels push the eject button emptying out to make you lighter.  

Yup, headaches, effects on bladder and bowel habits.  Woohoo!

Ever had a big event come up and you get a case of the “Nervous Poos”?

Good times for that  “competitive edge” to kick in right?!  

We get to receive all the goodies like acid reflux, irritated and rashy skin conditions, belly fat, premature aging, infertility, shrinking of the brain, erectile/sexual dysfunction, anxiety and so much more.

Your body doesn’t care about getting cancer or being sick, life is at stake here!!!

Your body is way more concerned about Brutus the Beast making you dinner so your immune system gets shoved to the back of the bus.  

We are investing energy into imaginary wild beast attacks every single day instead of using that same energy to perform at our highest levels and enjoy our lives to the fullest!

We have to help our minds and bodies understand real vs imagined threats and support more healthy responses so we can feel good doing the things we love!


Dannielle Arceneaux is a body-mind coach for busy women who are sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Through bodywork, energy work, and personalized coaching, she helps them cultivate a practice of fierce self-care so they can reclaim their vitality and lead lives of deeper purpose.