“Work harder. Give more.” For years, this was my mantra.

My massage and bodywork clients would come to me with chronic pain, and I’d put 147% of my energy into trying to get their muscles to relax while they were on the table.
Whether they were suffering from chronic pain or excruciating neck tension, I’d do my best to “fix” them. And I would try to do it in the fewest sessions possible since they told me they were “too busy” to spend much time and money on themselves.

My Guilty Secret

But I had a guilty secret.
See, I’m not just trained in medical massage and rehab. Yes, I’ve had rigorous training in anatomy, physiology, and muscle systems.
But I’m also certified as a Health Coach and highly skilled at listening to the body.
I trained in Myofascial Release, Reiki, Cranial-sacral, Touch for Health and movement therapies.
The problem was my clients didn’t want to hear about body-mind connections and self-care.
They just wanted me to help them to feel better—right this minute! And I was!
The bigger problem was that they were getting relief from their symptoms.
But it was temporary and I was killing myself using all the “medical modalities”.  Even I didn’t want to completely acknowledge all that “unconventional” stuff.  I didn’t want to be that weird “hippy dippy” chick.
So I ignored my intuition and buckled down even harder, chanting my “Work harder. Give more” mantra like a zombie cheerleader.
I was booking 30 massages a week
When I wasn’t doing massage, I was emailing my clients, trying to share all my tips so they could get even faster better results.
The one teeny tiny problem was that I couldn’t actually type these emails.
I had to record videos or voice memos because my arms were in constant pain.
I was working myself so hard that the nerves in my arms were going crazy. I would wake up in the middle of the night with my fingers, hands, and arms throbbing and numb.
I wasn’t sleeping well because I had to get up and walk around to get feeling back in my arms. Each morning I was drinking more and more caffeine just to feel slightly normal. 
But that’s the price of “success” right…?

Breaking Point

“Chasing clients pain” and getting fabulous temporary results. I built a busy, successful referral based practice this way.
My body started to cry out in desperation begging me to listen.
As I was dealing with my own crazy body rebellion, I started getting clients with increasingly major issues. They wanted some kind of miracle from me.
Some were in so much pain that their doctor had prescribed medication or wanted to give them cortisone shots. In other cases, they were facing surgery for their pain.
They told me that if they could just book more sessions with me, it would all be “fixed.”
At that moment, I realized with horror what was going on. I was doing exactly what my clients were doing: Shoving self-care onto the back-burner and totally ignoring what my body was trying to tell me, thinking I could fight it into better health. 
I knew I had to do something different for myself and for my clients ASAP.

Kicking Chronic Pain to the Curb

My arms were so messed up that I had to cut back on my massage hours. And this was actually the biggest gift.
It forced me to listen to what my body was trying to tell me.
The message was loud and clear: My body needed to be acknowledged in a different way. It needed space to heal and rejuvenate. And I saw the same pattern for my clients.
They needed the time in between our sessions to let their bodies readjust and recalibrate to a new, healthy normal. 
I asked myself how I could make the best use of this time between sessions to support even better results for them.
The answer was clear: All that body-mind expertise I’d spent years and thousands of dollars learning—and then years ignoring.
Slowly, I began unpacking my full-range of healing methods.
At first, I was using them only with a handful of clients—people who had told me they were willing to try ANYTHING to stop their severe pain cycles.
In between our sessions I didn’t just send them tips. I began following up, holding them accountable, and coaching them as their partner in health.
And I started seeing HUGE breakthroughs.
One client had been coming to me on and off for 7 years. She could barely move her neck. I’d tried different approaches. I’d tried every new skill I learned from my ongoing professional development training. I’d even referred her to a chiropractor and a pain specialist, but none of the changes stuck.
Finally, I was really straight with her: “What’s going on with your neck and shoulders and jaw is really more about what’s going on in your mind and thoughts.”
She was surprised to hear this, but she was open to follow me down this new path. After two sessions using a body-mind coaching approach, she felt more relief than in the entire time we had worked together!

A New Path to Health

Reclaiming your mojo!

From that moment on, I knew I could never go back to trying to force bodies to heal. Not mine, and not my clients’. I knew that the secret to better health was engaging with the body.
I became my own best client, committed to the embodiment of my personal fierce self-care practices.
Consequently, I have become better equipped to help my clients find lasting relief from pain, exhaustion, tension, and everything else that was stealing their mojo.
I started using my full toolbox of healing expertise. Hey, it might seem “woo woo” but it’s “Woo-hoo”!!
As a body-mind health coach, I’m on a mission to help practitioners and clients embody a fierce self-care practice so they do more of what they love and feel badass doing it.

Now not only has my own health flourished, but I have the amazing privilege of watching clients heal from the inside out. They…
  • Finally, find relief from chasing chronic pain cycles
  • Stop feeling burned-out and exhausted all the time thinking “This is just what it takes to be successful” or “This is just what getting older feels like.”
  • Start enjoying their life fully again
  • Reclaim their mojo so they can do more of what they love and feel badass while doing it!
Most of all, they learn to listen to what their body is really saying and embrace their personal fierce self-care practices.

The body is the answer!

I teach you to communicate using the language of your body. 
With a personalized practice of fierce self-care, you can thrive in your business AND serve others in a more powerful way without sacrificing your own health or causes you care about.
Are you ready to claim feeling better than you ever thought possible?
Choose YOU and get one step closer to the practice and life you love!
Let’s take the next step together.

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