Fear, anxiety and worry. We have all been there, from time to time . What brings it on? A new situation, job change, life change, meeting new people, sometimes while doing the same familiar things….or nothing at all!

The mind is a VERY POWERFUL thing!

I will offer you a personal for instance. I enjoy mountain biking and every single time I go out for a ride I experience feelings of anxiety.

What gives?!

I’m thinking about all the “what if’s”.  What if I fall ?  What if I can’t keep up?  What if it’s too hot?  What if I get a flat?  What if …. on and on and on and seriously…there really is no reason to gear up for immediate danger.

It’s imagination gone wild! I am using the power of my mind poorly, for something negative. This actually wastes valuable energy.

Believing what fear, anxiety and worry have to say keeps us stuck, robs us of our potential, crowds out happiness and joy, prevents us from moving forward.

I liken this to a scenario of little kid barraging Mom in the grocery store, “Mom ,Mom, Mom “, incessantly tugging on her shirt. Finally Mom responds and the child says ,”oh never mind.”  (Lots of us have been THERE too Ha Ha!).
Often times just bringing awareness to, addressing the “what if’s”, walking through them, quiets them down.

(Side note: Anxiety and excitement can produce the same feelings or responses in your body.  Fight or flight response that protects us from harm kicks in, blood pressure and heart rate go up, you become more alert and this may be misinterpreted by our mind as threatening instead of exciting and fun.
Classic example of mind and body having a deeeeeep connection. More on that later…)

So then what if I actually answered those concerns?

What if I fall?  There is a potential I could become injured as with any physical activity, chances are I won’t die.
What if I can’t keep up?  Then I come in a little slower than the rest of the group no biggie! I’m out with people doing something we enjoy.
What if it’s too hot?  Then I do what’s best for me and get out of the heat, maybe try to go earlier next time.
What if I get a flat?  I actually did learn how to fix a flat, it’s an opportunity to test out my skills in real life.
Instead of wasting energy I am reframing those thoughts to productively use that energy out on the trail, performing better and enjoying the present time.  WINNING!

Does it still happen?  My silly  monkey mind jump up and down demanding attention? Sure,  not to the same degree, when I apply this strategy.  I have found it to be a pretty effective tool in a few areas.  Had I bought in to the very false beliefs  of fear, anxiety and worry I certainly would not have developed any kind of skill or confidence.

I will always have things to work on.  I am excited because it gives me the opportunities to learn, develop and grow.  I never thought in this lifetime I would be seeing myself out on a mountain bike trail, and LOVING it!  Nope, not this girl, absolutely not!
What if I wasn’t good at it? …… then I thought….well……WHAT IF I WAS? 😉

Elevate Your Everyday!
Be well,