Saving the world happened by becoming more mindful and at peace with my inner world.

Adopting a twice a day 15-minute space for myself as part of my non-negotiable, fierce self-care practice has been surprisingly the easiest thing I’ve ever implemented.  

EVER!  ( I know sounds crazy!)

That anxious buzzy feeling always hanging around seemed to have suddenly become very still.

It was like finding peaceful shelter from a fierce storm.

I noticed naturally sustained energy levels and handling stressful situations with ease.

My body feels so much happier and my sleep is rockin’!


Meditation is for high performing busy people

I was under the impression it takes a lot of time and needed to be total quiet.

Surely you had to be a monk, enlightened soul or morph into the weird woo woo hippy chick persona. (Which I know now is way off and nowadays I kinda dig being a “hippy chick”.  Well, granola or crunchy is probably more accurate)

I was super resistant for a long time.

Maybe you feel that way too? 

Or perhaps you value your time and its just not a priority to use it on something like slowin’ your roll.

How do you feel about making investments to defreakingstress?

If the answer is…YES!  I am looking for answers, please tell me more!! 

Then you are totally ready and I’m stoked to share this incredible resource with you!

It is called Stress Less Accomplish More, by Emily Fletcher.

The title reached right out and grabbed me.

It was endorsed by Dr. Mark Hyman and Dave Asprey plus, backed up with some scientific studies too.

( That gave it some credibility in my mind somehow)


Uh huh, I wanna do that!  Bring it!

I made a little video that simplifies it into something you can do right now.

(Or anywhere really, just ask me I’ll send you some pics of places I’ve meditated…I have even meditated midway through a mountain bike ride! )


You can check it out here now.

Committing to the practice helps me be more present and unload the “garbage” that accumulates from being human! 

Meditation saved the world. 

My inner world, and has allowed me to bring more value to the world outside. (Whaaat?! Sweet side effect!)

I’ve also added a link to an interview with Emily Fletcher 


To your ultimate badassery,



 I’m Dannielle Arceneaux a body-mind health coach for high performing women who are sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted all the time. Whether they want to relieve chronic pain, have more energy, or finally dissolve blocks keeping them stuck, I offer personalized coaching so they can live a life aligned with their unique purpose.