Happy November friends!!

 I am feeling super grateful to enjoy such a beautiful life!

It’s that time of year when our culture gets on board with the gratitude concept and I like to fully support that any chance I get. 

November also happens to be my birth month and I have given myself permission to celebrate all month long. 

Huh, the entire month, really? 


I decided some time ago that it was going to be a gift to myself and it wasn’t even a selfish thing like I had thought all this time! (That’s another fun future story to post, “learning the truth of  being selfish”.)

Do you ever feel like you have some thoughts and beliefs that keep you from the things that could really be beneficial for you? 

Maybe you don’t know where they came from or even realize that it might be a thing.

You’re totally not alone, often it’s subconscious and automatic.

 I have found myself being the most resistant to what challenges those thoughts and beliefs even if it could be in my best interest.

Go figure?!

 I swore I would NEVER be a Yogi! 

This is a great example.

Currently, I am finishing up a 200-hour yoga teacher training. 

 I had this weird misconception that yoga was either the super clicky 20 something yoga girls club or the incense burning hippy folks who have lost touch with reality cult. 

Neither is my jam, or entirely true.  PHEW!  Thankfully there’s a middle ground.

Aside from the crazy ideas I had convinced myself of, it’s been truly  A M A Z I N G !!!!! 

I wish I would have been open to the idea sooner, but we all have our own processes right?

We arrive when and how we get there. 

I’ve possibly learned more about myself during this training than ever. 

That’s really saying something since I pretty much always stay involved in some type of learning experience.

The interest in yoga came around in pieces over time.

Meeting people who were inspiring and modeled the things that resonated with me helped me pull the trigger when the right opportunity came up.

Soon I became willing to put aside the old beliefs I was clinging to and give it a different consideration. 


Heres the truth….If you don’t have it, you cant give it.

Really it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I was getting really burned out, I’d been ignoring my own body signals for years!! 

We are masters at hiding things from ourselves.

There was a painful gap in the way I was living and practicing.

Because I was not fully acknowledging the needs of my own bodies (meaning mind, body, and spirit) there was no way to fully put the concepts into practice with my clients. 

Now it’s obvious how keeping a rigid mindset, ignoring what my bodies were trying to say that it was a perfect set up for burn out frustration and disease to grow.

I’m not perfect but I’ve learned a few things and sometimes it’s about getting out of our own freaking way!

This is why I love working with people as a Holistic lifestyle coach!! 

It allows me to combine all my knowledge and experience of decades to help folks:

Reconnect with their tri body intelligence-Feeling healthy, vibrant and alive.

Use their Tribody intelligence to reframe stress-Having some type of stressors is a good thing. Determining the differences and harnessing that power is key. 

Incorporate personalized, sustainable life practices that support how they truly want to feel-Stop shoulding on yourself and adopt practices that work in your life.  It’s all about You!  And it’s ok!

Enjoy a life they love to live-when you develop a healthy tri body space you are setting yourself up for tremendous amounts of success and happiness on all levels.

(Pssst here’s a little secret…when we take good care of ourselves we are better suited to help and be of service outside of ourselves)


Seriously how can it get better?

It’s such a pleasure to work with people who are willing to give these gifts to themselves, shifting their lives in profound ways.

It feels a bit like magic and my wish is for everyone to experience even a little piece of it!

If you or anyone you know feel like you are willing to begin making some shifts in your life I am extending an open invitation to share a conversation and determine if working together can help you. 

Sometimes the first steps can seem intimidating, I am here to help guide you. 

Even the small investments in yourself are worth it, I guarantee it!

Cheers to a month filled with love and gratitude!  May you be well!

Ooooooo goody, goody  I am totally stoked to close with……