Could it be different than what you think or believe?

  Happy November friends!!  I am feeling super grateful to enjoy such a beautiful life! It's that time of year when our culture gets on board with the gratitude concept [...]

Choose YOU! Discover Identifying the Problem You know you need to take better care of yourself and there are a bazillion reasons why you don’t. I am here to help [...]

“Work harder. Give more.”  

“Work harder. Give more.”  For years, this was my mantra. My massage clients would come to me with chronic pain, and I’d put 147% of my energy into trying to [...]

How I saved the world 15 minutes at a time

Saving the world happened by becoming more mindful and at peace with my inner world. Adopting a twice a day 15-minute space for myself as part of my non-negotiable, fierce [...]

Modern day warrior status

Modern day warrior status If you're the high-performing person or someone who likes to get a lot of things accomplished, it can almost feel like stress gives you that go-getter, [...]

5 Pillars of Health-Aligning with your natural design

5 Pillars of Health-Aligning with your natural design There you are overwhelmed, brain fogged, stressed out, neck and shoulder tension, low back pain, slowly not fitting into your clothes and [...]

How to Create a Vision Board

Vision boards are a great way to keep yourself focused and directed towards a purpose while satisfying your creative bug. Here is an easy way to make a simple vision [...]