Making decisions with Confidence

Making decisions with Confidence When it comes to making decisions all our day to day choices can become overwhelming. Overthinking, tirelessly reviewing the pros and cons, second-guessing... PHEW! That can [...]

Choose YOU! Discover Identifying the Problem You know you need to take better care of yourself and there are a bazillion reasons why you don’t. I am here to help [...]

How I saved the world 15 minutes at a time

Saving the world happened by becoming more mindful and at peace with my inner world. Adopting a twice a day 15-minute space for myself as part of my non-negotiable, fierce [...]

It’s not your age that is making you feel old

It's not your age that is making you feel old. Remember when feeling good was waaaay easier?  You didn't have to work so hard at it? It was nothing to [...]

What’s in your cup?

What is in your cup today? Would you consider your cup half empty?  Half full?  Totally dry?  When do you replenish? You can't pour from an empty cup, take care [...]

What Is stress? 

What Is stress?  Stress is defined as a  state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.  Basically it is a loop  information in [...]

What is Elevated Wellness Coaching?

What is Elevated Wellness coaching? You know how sometimes you want something else.... to eat healthier, look good, be pain free, improve our relationships, feel financially secure, have a sense of [...]

5 Pillars of Health-Aligning with your natural design

5 Pillars of Health-Aligning with your natural design There you are overwhelmed, brain fogged, stressed out, neck and shoulder tension, low back pain, slowly not fitting into your clothes and [...]

How to Have Better Sleep–Melatonin

I don't know about you but my body clock gets a bit thrown off  when the time changes. There is very little worse than when you are exhausted but your [...]

Fermentation-why it is a part of my wellness

You know when you come across something and it just clicks with you?   You go ah ha! Ding ding we have a winner!! From the moment I was [...]